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Liderack aim to provide quality products of bike sports, water sport and other outdoor sports for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Through the improvement of materials, details and craftsmanship, innovatives to bring customers a nice travel experience.

With over 10 years’ experience, now is professional manufacturer and wholesale company of hitch mount bike rack, e- bike carrier rack, surfboard bike rack, bike handle bar light,bike bell and kayak rack, surfboard rack and so on accessories. Also customized are welcome.

Pay attention on details to make professional products to bring you better experience.


Pay attention on details to make professional products to bring you better experience.


Bring good memories to every adventurer.


Be passion and innovation always for what we love.

Product Portfolio

Electric wheel chair carrier rack

Liderak's Easy-to-use rack quickly attaches to the back of most vehicles.

Heavy duty motocycle carrier rack

This product is built to last, with a sturdy construction and a enough weight capacity

Hitch Mount Bike Rack

It keeps your bikes securely in place, so you can hit the road without worry.

Kayak Storage Rack

It's strong and sturdy, and can hold up to 100 pounds. Plus, it's easy to assemble.

Long Surfboard Bike Rack

This rack is designed specifically for bikes, making it easy and convenient to use.

Moped Surfboard Carrier Rack

With enough space to carry your board and wax, you'll be ready to hit the beach.

Paddleboard Holder Rack

This rack is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their paddleboard and keep it safe.

Short Surfboard Bike Rack

This rack will securely hold your paddleboard while you enjoy your day.

Surfboard Storage Wall Hook

It comes with a mounting template and screws, so you can hang it up in no time!

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